Strategy and tactics for tournament players

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Some important principles for strategy and tactics of the singles play

  1. Keep the ball in play.
  2. Have a game plan:
    • the basic strategy and the various tactics that the player plans to use.
    • an alternative strategy(plan B) and tactics that the player can use if things go wrong.
  3. Use your best weapon(s) whenever possible.
  4. To Prevent the opponent’s attack, use more weaknesses of the opponent by hitting deep,taking the pace off,etc.
  5. Analyse the situation.
  6. Play within your possibilities and capabilities.
  7. Be positive (controlled aggression).
  8. Once you decide, commit yourself to the shot. Do not change a decision!
  9. Play the ball, not your opponent.
  10. Try to adapt a gamestyle that suits your strengths, and during the game, adapt your style to use the weaknesses of the opponent.
  11. Learn to combine power and control during the match. Power reduces the time for the opponent’s response and is necessary for playing winners.
  12. Use Combination of shots to open courts (for example, a deep forehand down the line followed by an angled forehand crosscourt).
  13. Try to move your opponents and make them run by changing direction, depth, hitting into the open court, wrong footing by hitting behind,etc.
  14. Try to gain and maintain the momentum in the match, in order to dominate the match flow and tempo .
  15. Try to analyse the match during the changeovers to decide when to change your tactics.
  16. Try to dominate the point at every opportunity.
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