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Tennis lessons for adults in Kyiv

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Dear lovers of an active lifestyle! I invite you to my training in a wonderful sport – TENNIS!

Among physically active people, you can often hear the phrase “Tennis is for all ages”, and it is not by chance, because people of different ages with different levels of fitness can play  tennis, adjusting the pace of the game to their physical and technical capabilities.

Learning  tennis, you can keep youth, good health and high vitality for many years.

Tennis is a beautiful, dynamic and elegant game that helps you relax after hard work, chat with friends and forget about all the hardships.

Tennis is considered one of the most democratic games – after all, a leader and a subordinate, a corporation owner and a petty clerk, a professor and a student can meet on the court …

Tennis is not only one of the most effective means of maintaining vitality and promoting health (regular tennis trainings strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular systems, develops dexterity, flexibility, speed, endurance, strength), but also gives great emotional charge and a sense of satisfaction, which is no less important for a modern person than physical activity.

Another important aspect in favor of  tennis is the low injury rate compared to other sports.

Tennis is a safe, non-contact game that will be the Game of a Lifetime for you!

Individual and group tennis lessons for adults

In the practice of tennis trainings for adults, individual, split and group lessons are used.

  • Individual tennis training for adults – one-on-one format with a coach.
  • Split tennis training for adults – one coach and two students.
  • Group lesson in  tennis for adults allow you to meet with other players of the same level, and in such group training there is a fact of rivalry, which positively affects the achievement of the goals of such a group lesson.It is also a great opportunity to meet friends, buddies, make new acquaintances…Group tennis lessons are cheaper than individual tennis lessons.

All group, split and individual tennis training sessions use special equipment that improves and speeds up the learning process (tennis walls, simulators, targets, etc.), and video analysis is also used in the practice to better understand the training information from the coach.

The development of daily tennis training sessions for adults is based on: – general and long-term goals of the annual plan; 

  • specific and short-term training goals;
  • characteristics of the player (players);
  • personal philosophy of the tennis coach;
  • available means and opportunities.

There are several principles that should be applied to all adult tennis training:

  • setting goals for the current workout;
  • warm-up and relaxation;
  • uniformity (similarity), the more the players are similar in ability, the easier it is to develop a good workout;
  • training the basics at each training session (five game situations: serve, receive, play on the back line, at the net, dribble);
  • work on all aspects (balance between weaknesses and strengths);
  • use of different types of exercises;
  • the ability to change exercises, taking into account a number of factors;
  • entertainment, movement (in exercises).

The general structure of tennis training and education includes:

introduction to training;

  • physical workout;
  • technical warm-up;
  • main part
  • relaxation;
  • repetition.

Organize and run tennis tournaments for adults

Group tennis training programs for adults

Beginning players – studying the tactics of the game, learning the technique, developing physical qualities.

  • Group of 3-5 players
  • The number of trainings is negotiated before the start of training.

The average level of players – further training in all types of strikes, understanding of the playing style and tactical approach to tournament play, development of physical qualities.

  • Group of 3-5 players
  • The number of trainings is negotiated before the start of training.

Tennis training programs for tournament players – preparation for tennis tournaments, development and training of players: tactics, technique, psychological and physical preparation, support at tournaments.

  •  Group of 3-5 players
  •  The number of workouts is negotiable before the start of training

Additional services for tennis training

  • Corporate tennis training for employees. Corporate tennis tournaments.
  • Trainings on your private courts (possibly with a trip outside Kyiv).

Individual tennis training for adults

In an individual tennis lesson (lesson) you get more attention and instructions from the coach, this gives you the opportunity to quickly improve the level of your game, both in the technical and tactical aspects of the game!

Split tennis training for adults

At split tennis training you get more attention and instructions from the coach than at group training, and there is also the opportunity to train and play against each other under the guidance of a coach, which has a positive effect on the development of the technical level of players, tactical thinking and psychological preparation for a single games, improves their physical qualities. Split training costs for each participant almost two times cheaper than individual training, with a sufficiently high attention of the coach to each student.

Trainings on your private courts (possibly with a trip outside Kyiv).

The cost of tennis lessons for adults

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