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Tennis for children in Kyiv. Group and individual lessons

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Dear parents, I would like to draw your attention to the comprehensive positive impact of tennis lessons on the development of children.

There is a hackneyed quote, “Tennis is chess in motion,” which gives a succinct definition of the game of tennis.

Professional tennis coaches for children from various tennis schools and tennis academies note (and, this is obvious) that in tennis training, at tennis camps, at competitions, tournaments and tennis championships, children develop all the physical qualities necessary to play tennis (speed, agility, endurance, flexibility and strength), and mental abilities (“Tennis is played with a racket, but won with a head”).

Tennis is an individual sport (martial arts).

Tennis matches, individual lessons (classes) in  tennis, as well as group tennis trainings develop healthy individualism, competitive spirit, the will to win in the child, help to cultivate discipline, diligence, dedication, friendliness and communication skills. All these factors will contribute to the formation of your child into a strong personality with high self-esteem, own opinion and clear goals.

Another important aspect in favor of  tennis is the low injury rate compared to other sports.

Tennis is a safe, non-contact game that will provide the child not only with good health, but also form the best personal characteristics in him that will help him in life, and Tennis For Your Children Will Be A Game For Life!

Individual and group tennis lessons for children

Based on the generalized experience of professional tennis coaches from all over the world, it is recommended to start teaching tennis to children at the age of five in group classes (training sessions) according to the “Play & Stay” program, which is recommended by the International Tennis Federation (ITF-International Tennis Federation).

In the practice of tennis training for children, individual, split and group lessons are used.

All group, split and individual tennis training sessions use special equipment that improves and speeds up the learning process (tennis walls, simulators, targets, etc.), and video analysis is also used in the classroom to better understand the training information from the coach.

  • Individual tennis training for children – one-on-one format with a coach.
  • Split tennis training for children – one coach and two students.
  • Group lessons in tennis for children allow you to meet other players of the same level, and in such group training there is a fact of rivalry between the players, which positively affects the achievement of the goals of such a group lesson. For children, a group tennis lesson is cheaper than an individual tennis lesson.

Tennis training programs for children.

The development of daily  tennis training for children is based on:

  • general and long-term goals of the annual plan;
  • specific and short-term training goals;
  • characteristics of the player (players);
  • personal philosophy of the tennis coach;
  • available means and opportunities.

There are several principles that should be applied to all tennis training for children:

  • setting goals for the current workout;
  • warm-up and relaxation;
  • uniformity (similarity), the more similar the players are in abilities, the easier it is to develop a good workout;
  • training the basics in every lesson. Five game situations: serve, receive, play on the back line, at the net, stroke;
  • work on all aspects (balance between weaknesses and strengths);
  • use of different types of exercises;
  • the ability to change exercises, taking into account a number of factors;
  • entertainment, movement (in exercises and outdoor games)

The general structure of tennis training and education includes:

  • introduction to training;
  • physical workout;
  • technical warm-up;
  • main part
  • relaxation;
  • repetition.

Organize and conduct tennis tournaments for children

Group training program for tennis for children (4-10 years old) according to the program “Play&Stay” – Mini-Tennis.

The program is designed to develop kid’s interest in tennis, development of motor skills, physical qualities, learning the basic technique of strokes and tactics of the game.

  • Shortened rackets, lightweight balls (red, orange, green),a smaller court and a smaller net are used)
  • Group of 3-5 people.
  • The number of trainings is negotiated before the start of training.

Tennis group training programs for children (10 years and older):

Beginning players – studying the tactics of the game, learning the technique, developing physical qualities.

  • Group of 3-5 players
  • The number of trainings is negotiated before the start of training.

The average level of players – further training in all types of shots, understanding of the playing style and tactical approach to tournament play, development of physical qualities.

  •   Group of 3-5 players
  •   The number of trainings is negotiated before the start of training.

Tennis Training Programs for Tournament Players (10+ years old)

Preparation for tennis tournaments, development and training of players: tactics, technique, psychological and physical preparation, support at tournaments.

  • Group of 3-5 players
  • The number of trainings is negotiated before the start of training.

Personal tennis coach for tournament players – personal work with one or two tournament players.

Preparation for tennis tournaments, development and training of the player (players): tactics, technique, psychological and physical preparation, support at tournaments.

Tennis Individual Training Programs for Children

In an individual lesson (lesson) in tennis, children receive more attention and instructions from the coach, this gives them the opportunity to quickly improve the level of their game, both in technical and tactical aspects!

Split Tennis Training Programs for Children

At split tennis training, children receive more attention and instructions from the coach than at group training, and there is also the opportunity to train and play against each other under the guidance of a coach, which has a positive effect on the development of the technical level of players, tactical thinking and psychological preparation for a single games, improves their physical qualities. Split training costs for each participant almost two times cheaper than individual training, with a sufficiently high attention of the coach to each student.

Cost of playing tennis for children

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